Specialises in high performance pumps that are able to perform in challenging
circumstances. Our range of pumps include:

  • High Head Pumps (up to 200 m)
  • High-Capacity Dewatering Pumps for Sea Salvage Operation
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Dredging Pumps

Other system solutions that we offer also includes:

  • SUNG JIN Decanter
  • Modular Biogas Waste-To-Energy System

High Head Pumps

Drainage out of sumps, pits, quarries, mining, cellars, tunnels, caisson dewatering, reclaimingoperations, power station constructions, waste, storm or emergency water removal, dams, harbor projects.

Dredging Pumps

  • Drainage work at construction site
  • Agitation and pumping soil in water
  • Collecting sand or gravel
  • Removing scales in iron works
  • Assist in excavation construction of a port or river
  • Dredging a sedimentation basin, Pumping and drainage of liquid which contains solids

Submersible Pumps

  • Drainage in construction sites / manholes / underground /underground parking space etc.
  • Drainage of puddles / spring water
  • Drainage facilities in factories
  • Agricultural / Industrial water supply and drainage

High Capacity Dewatering Pump For Sea Salvage Operation

High-Capacity Dewatering Pumps are used for sea salvage where sea water from salvage operation needs to be removed quickly to reduce the weight load on salvage cranes.